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We are KP COMIC, a manga web hosting from KP Comics Studios!


All of our mangas are original work created by our studio’s professional manga teams. At KP comics, we believe that manga is a universal medium in which the content can be read and enjoyed for every reader.


Our mission is to create quality online manga for readers all over the world. To unite readers of different language background, it is our pleasure to translate and overcome language barriers in order to deliver a better reading experience for international crowd. We hope you enjoyed our original mangas and our team would like to thank you for becoming part our passion.

Our manga are "free to read" and "free to share!". Feel free to share and please credit to KP Comic team & our artists! We would love to hear from you so feel free to comment on our facebook, instagram, twitters, youtube ^^





Are you

  • A manga artist?

  • A story writer?

  • Fansubs?

  • A big fan of manga who wanted to be part of manga industry?

Who wanted to

  • Write and /or draw your own manga?

  • Work closely in the manga industry?

  • Be involve with the creation of manga?

  • Want to help spread manga culture all over the world?

You came to the right place! Show us your talent and your passion! 

We would love to work and /or collaborate with people who has the same passion as us.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact form below or send us an e-mail at



For companies who wish to contact and / or inquire any information from us, please feel free to contact us via:



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